Jarrett Bowman



Jarrett Bowman is a USPTA certified instructor and is working on his officiating certification.  He played two years of Junior College tennis at 8th ranked Barton Community College before transferring to KU.  Jarrett began his coaching at Jayhawk Tennis Center in the summer of 2021 and used that experience to restart the KU Club Tennis Team as a player coach.

Jarrett did not start playing tennis until his 8th grade year but immediately fell in love with both playing and watching tennis.  Religiously watching tennis is how Jarrett was able to rapidly improve his game throughout his high school years.  This is why he often suggests his students watch tennis as well as play so they can learn more so in a visual sense, no matter the ability level.

When not on the court, you may also find Jarrett at our front desk, where he has been since January of 2021. He also splits his time between Jayhawk Tennis Center and Sporting KC as an operations lead.