Arrival/Drop Off

Players are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to start of class time.  They should have a racquet or one checked out, proper shoes and be ready to go.  

For Baby Jays, Red, Orange, please wait in the lobby for your coach to come gather the players together to walk to the courts.

For all other classes, please wait outside of the court curtains until the courts clear and/or it is the time of your class.  Coaches should be on the courts.

Pick Up

All players can be met in the lobby. No parent should come onto the court to retrieve their child, unless asked to by a coach.

Caregivers of players in pre-k to 3rd grade should meet them in the lobby.

Players 4th grade – 6th  grade are allowed to wait for parents inside the double doors until they can visually identify that their caregiver has arrived.  

Players 7th grade and up are permitted to leave the building. 

Please note: Jayhawk Tennis Center is only responsible for the safety of your child inside the facility.

Parents are encouraged to call the front desk at (785) 749-3200  to let staff know when they will be late. This is reassuring to both staff and players. 

Player Code of Conduct 

Show Respect to all coaches and players. 

Thank you for following these rules and helping us create a safe and fun atmosphere for your children! If you choose not to follow the above rules, Jayhawk Tennis Center reserves the right to cancel your child’s enrollment in his/her class.