We are a family friendly facility and do our best to provide an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.  We are all responsible for helping to maintain the facility and the items we use to teach and play tennis.  

General Expectations:

  • Be courteous to all – including each other, coaches, tennis desk staff, cleaning team, visitors, and others.
  • Only water is allowed on the court (except for identified medical reasons).
  • No food allowed on the court (except for identified medical reasons).
  • All players must wear appropriate clothing.  All tops and bottoms must remain on.
  • All players should wear non-marking shoes, preferably court shoes. They are designed for tennis movement and to not damage the court surface.
  • Positive, appropriate court etiquette is expected. 
  • No throwing racquets, damaging property, spitting or foul language is permitted.
  • If Jayhawk Tennis Center property is damaged, the individual responsible will be charged for the cost of replacement/repair.
  • Parents should promote these behaviors with their children.