Ann Anderson


(785) 250-4674

Ann Anderson is a PTR Professional and Lead Coach for the Senior Tennis program. Ann has played league tennis and has participated in many tournaments. She attended a 10 and under certification training and now assists with the 10 and Under Program, Baby Jay, tennis camps and Junior social events.

Prior to joining the coaching staff at the Jayhawk Tennis Center, Ann taught tennis at Wood Valley Racquet Club, in Topeka, Kansas for twelve years.

Ann’s tennis philosophy is play to your level and bring your passion. Tennis is a fun, lifetime endeavor.

She has been published in the PTR “Tennis Pro” magazine, regarding how to teach 10 and under youth tennis. She is the author of the book, Posts of a Mid-century Kid.

Ann is a graduate of the University of Kansas. She and her husband and two cats reside in Lawrence, Kansas.