First and foremost, we are a team.  We are professional.  Our coaches understand that players come to us because we have a good reputation.  We have a good reputation not just because of our level of expertise, but also because we are on time, dependable and model what we teach.

We are knowledgeable.  All of our permanent staff have played collegiate tennis.  More importantly – because good players have not always proven to be good coaches – all of our coaches have gone through the USPTA/PTR certification.  Some programs lean on club level players, former/current high school players, or even former college players with no coaching credentials to run their classes, but we have higher expectations for JTC.

We are fun.  While we take our jobs seriously, and want to do the best we can to help our players each and every time we step onto the court, we also strive to remember one very important thing: tennis is a game!  We enjoy each other, we enjoy our jobs, and that enthusiasm spills over, helping create a welcoming, open environment.


Parting Shot

At Jayhawk Tennis Center, we are Family.  We work hard and manage our time to reach our goals.  We have FUN!  We believe in ourselves and our teammates.  We give ourselves space to dream. And then we put our dreams into action.

So yes, we are an expert, professional, fun-loving team.  But above all we value family.  It starts with our coaches, extends to our players and ends up creating a community that has meaning.  Building this type of community has been significant to our program and will continue to be.